9 Healthy Post Lunch Snacks

9 Healthy Post Lunch Snacks

We all know a quick chocolate fix come 3pm will lead to a blood sugar spike and only momentarily satisfy hunger pangs. Need some fresh inspo? Like most things in life planning pay off so use this as your cheat sheet, get prepared and ensure your afternoon snack sees you all the way through till dinner.

Snack: 6 almonds, 2tbsp coconut flakes, 2tbsp pumpkin seeds
Calories: 132
Benefits: ‘Make your own home blend and add a tsp of cinnamon powder and fennel seeds. This not only provides the hormone balancing and mood supporting mineral zinc – found in the nuts and seeds - but also traditional digestive spices to keep your tummy feeling good.’ - Nutritional Therapist at Wild Nutrition, Lorna Driver-Davies
Snack: 30g walnuts and a medium apple
Calories: 250
Benefits: ‘Walnuts contain omega-3 essential fatty acids (also known as ALA), which help to promote heart health and apples are rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber.’ - Leading Harley Street Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert

Snack: 30g tiger nuts with 100g blueberries
Calories: 210
Benefits: ‘Tiger nuts are packed full of fiber; so great for weight loss and are also rich in antioxidants; so great for anti-ageing. Blueberries are a superfood and provide an excellent source of vitamin C, which protects cells against damage.’ - Nutritional Therapist, Rebecca Pilkington 

Snack: Deliciously Ella Peanut Butter Balls
Calories: 179
Benefits:These are so handy, of course they’re easy to make at home but if you’re on the go, they are great. You get 5 per pack and they’re surprisingly filling, they contain a good amount of protein, carbohydrates and have much less refined sugars than other energy snacks, so they offer a good balance.’ - Nutritionist at Wunder Workshop, Chantal Di Donato

Snack:  1 banana and nut butter
Calories: 280
Benefits: ’This is an energy dense snack that contains carbs, protein and essential fats which will help keep you fuller for longer.’ - Leading Harley Street Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert

Snack: 100g cottage cheese with carrot sticks
Calories: 130
Benefits:Cottage cheese is lean protein but also provides minerals for bones and teeth such as calcium – especially essential for pregnant or nursing mothers. Mini cottage cheese pots can be kept in the office fridge. Avoid ‘low fat’ versions, as these products do not contain important fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin A for your immune system.’ - Nutritional Therapist at Wild Nutrition, Lorna Driver-Davies
Snack: Pret Crayfish and Avocado Salad
Calories: 383
Benefits: ‘If you’ve had an early or particularly small lunch, this light salad is rich in zinc, protein and healthy fats - all essential for keeping us fuller for longer and preventing further snacking.’ -Nutritional Therapist, Rebecca Pilkington
Snack: 30g hummus and veggie sticks
Calories: 96
Benefits: ‘Hummus contains important minerals like manganese, copper and iron and is also a good source of veggie protein.’ -Leading Harley Street Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert
Snack: 100g guacamole, 100g oat cakes
Calories: 186
Benefits: ‘By teaming the rich-in-good-fats avocado dip; you will feel fuller for much longer than you would just by eating oat cakes by themselves. The same methodology would apply to adding nut butter or creamed cheese to oat cakes.’ - Nutritional Therapist at Wild Nutrition, Lorna Driver-Davies

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