How To Reduce Your Stress Levels & Get A Better Night’s Sleep

How To Reduce Your Stress Levels & Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Chances are, you know the frustration of lying awake in bed with a busy mind. Stress from the day can keep even the most exhausted of people up at night. Research shows that deeper sleep leads to less stress, and vice versa, so it’s never been more important to prioritise restorative sleep. Fortunately, Cannabotech has you covered. Combining unique blends of functional mushrooms with CBD and other botanical extracts, their formulas will give mind and body a helping hand…


Unmask The Sleep-Stress Connection

Science shows it takes just one night of poor sleep to send stress levels through the roof. In fact, a lack of sleep affects the brain’s ability to regulate your emotional response to events, meaning a night of tossing and turning could send your emotions into a tailspin the following day. And it doesn’t end there, because additional stress makes sleep even more elusive the following night. When levels of cortisol – one of the body’s main stress hormones – are elevated, it’s not only trickier to fall asleep, but cortisol can also impair the quality of rest once you do drift off. Research shows people who sleep for just four hours have higher levels of cortisol the following night, making it hard to get back on track. 

Enlist The Support Of Botanicals

Unlike similar preventative health brands, Cannabotech is headed up by genuine medical experts – think pharmacists, medical doctors and research scientists – with over 150 years’ experience between them. The result of years of research, is Cannabotech’s forward-thinking formula – M²CBD. In layman’s terms, this is functional mushrooms and cannabinoids combined. The two work in tandem to target your target both your immune system and the endocannabinoid system. Each product has been designed to balance you out, supporting biological functions including the immune, nervous and digestive system, making it a wellbeing must-have.


To rebalance stress levels and support a deep, restful sleep, these are the products to keep on your radar…

Relax Drops, £79

What Makes It Different: Several studies have found CBD can help with anxiety and stress-induced insomnia, and this formula combines an impressive dose of CBD with botanical extracts to tackle unwanted stress.

What’s Inside: With chamomile, lavender and a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms, these intelligent drops get our vote. A high-strength dose of premium pharmaceutical-grade CBD – 1000mg – will contribute to balanced stress levels and sleep, while mushrooms such as lion’s mane will nourish cognitive function to help the body better deal with stress. Cordyceps, meanwhile, will boost resilience, while reishi will help the immune system and promote healthy levels of happy hormones. On top of this, 3500mg of lavender and 2700mg of chamomile will encourage a sense of calm and relaxation. 

How To Take It: Place 15-30 drops under the tongue up to three times a day, as needed. 

Available here


Beauty Sleep Drops, £79

What Makes It Different: Switch off and ensure a restorative sleep with this industry-first supplement, which simultaneously targets the endocannabinoid and immune systems, a combination that supports deep relaxation for a great night’s sleep.

What’s Inside: This tincture is brimming with medicinal mushrooms proven to encourage a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Think lion’s mane, reishi and cordyceps, with the latter proven to strengthen a fatigued mind and body. The addition of 5HTP will also naturally boost serotonin levels, the chemical in the brain responsible for regulating mood. Plus, 6600mg of chamomile will stop anxiety in its tracks and initiate sleep.

How To Take It: Take 15 drops around an hour before bed for a deep, restful slumber. Hold the drops in your mouth for a couple of minutes for the best results.

Available here

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