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Wellness experts are increasingly turning to dream analysis to better understand ourselves, our emotions and desires. And whilst some dreams are straightforward – like a long-lost friend reappearing or winning the lottery– others don’t always tell such a simple story. SL spoke to psychologist and dream expert Ian Wallace to decipher some of the most common dreams, what they really mean and how to use them to reflect and make positive changes in your life...
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DREAM: Teeth Falling Out

Dreaming that your teeth are falling out or missing might sound disconcerting but is actually one of the most common dreams across the world. When you dream about your teeth, you are usually contemplating how powerful and confident you are feeling in your day-to-day life – you show your teeth when you smile and when you bite, so they often indicate how happy and self-assured you are feeling. Dreaming of losing your teeth indicates that a particular situation is challenging you in your day-to-day reality and has caused you to lose confidence.

Similarly, dreaming about losing teeth can symbolise a transition in your life – whether you are changing jobs, moving house or breaking up with a partner.

TAKE ACTION: Make an effort to appear more confident in whatever situation is currently challenging you. The more confident you appear, the easier you will find it to really get your teeth into a challenge and make it a success.

DREAM: Being Naked In Public

When you dream about being naked in public, it indicates there is a particular situation in your life making you feel vulnerable and exposed. It may be you are entering an unfamiliar situation, such as a new job or relationship, where you feel you lack confidence in your abilities. Often, the body part that is exposed or focused on can give more insight into the emotion that our dreams are helping us to understand.

TAKE ACTION: It may seem easier to hide your abilities away so they won’t be constantly exposed to the judgements and criticisms of others (this is symbolised by your clothes in a dream), but try to be more confident in revealing the real you to those around you.

DREAM: Falling

Falling usually means you are taking on a lot in your life and that you don’t feel grounded and perhaps are failing at a certain task. Such dreams are usually triggered by the sudden realisation you are unable to completely control the outcome of a particular situation you are involved in; this could be because you set yourself high standards and feel like a failure if you are unable to maintain this level of success.
TAKE ACTION: Slow down and take steps to release yourself from a particular responsibility and just accept the inevitable process of letting go. Take a more relaxed approach to specific areas of your life – if you are too tense, you are far less likely to notice opportunities and take full advantage of them.

DREAM: Death & Dying

While dreams about death and dying can be upsetting, they are very rarely about an actual death. Instead, they tend to be reflections of transformations taking place within our waking lives. When we dream of death we are reflecting on something significant coming to a natural end in our waking life. This could signify a major change such as leaving a job we have grown out of or moving house.

TAKE ACTION: As these kinds of dreams are trying to tell us it is time to move on and do something different, be aware of your surroundings and evaluate if any aspects of your life are at a dead end. As we explore and resolve dreams about death and dying, it is common to start having dreams about pregnancy, new births and children as we welcome and embrace the new.

DREAM: Being Chased

In this kind of dream, you often find yourself being pursued by someone or something that appears to threaten you in some way – this pursuer is more often than not some aspect of your own self and symbolises an opportunity you are pursuing in your waking life. Being chased by a gang? This indicates you have a chance to assert some of your talent and need to make a co-ordinated plan for your success. Being chased by a monster, however, suggests you have a big opportunity to use a powerful talent but that you need to take a more refined approach to using your skills.

TAKE ACTION: Make an effort to engage with whatever appears to be preventing you from pursuing a particular opportunity in your waking life. By confronting any frustrations you are experiencing, you will feel less helpless and more able to make decisive choices that will result in a successful outcome.

DREAM: Toilet Troubles

In this dream, you’re desperate for the toilet and searching frantically to find one. The only toilets that you may be able to find, however, are in strange places, in full public view or have no lock. In day-to-day life, the toilet is where you go to release what is no longer healthy or sustaining for you. Dreaming about needing the toilet reflects some situation in your waking reality that has become unhealthy for you but you are unsure of how to let it go. The situation often involves your individual needs and how easily you find it to express them to other people. In waking life, you often hope that your needs will be met if you look after the needs of other people, but it can often end up with other people just dumping their problems on you.

TAKE ACTION: Put your own needs before the needs of others by simply using the word ‘No’. This enables you to set specific personal boundaries, so that you can look after your own needs. This may appear selfish to you, but it’s much easier to look after the needs of other people when you’re not unconsciously anxious about your own needs.

DREAM: Being Unprepared For A Meeting Or Exam

This dream recurs for people who have a tendency to take on too much and then judge themselves quite harshly for not measuring up to their own impossibly high standards. It’s most commonly experienced by people with a strong track record of achievements who drive themselves too hard, usually due to an inner fear of failure. The dreamer also usually feels personally accountable for the success or failure of projects that they are involved in, and this dream usually surfaces during periods of high stress, transition into new responsibilities or new commitments.

TAKE ACTION: You may find it difficult to live up to the expectations and demands you have created for yourself. Conserve your energy and consolidate your position. By taking a more measured approach to the tasks you set yourself, you’ll find that you will achieve them more easily and enjoyably.

DREAM: Finding Money

A dream of finding money suggests that the dreamer is becoming aware of their intrinsic value to themselves and others, from a spiritual, rather than a material perspective. It can also indicate a recent success or imminent achievement in their waking life in which their self-worth is visibly manifested. Often this dream indicates that the dreamer possesses special artistic or creative abilities that they are in the process of becoming aware of. Sometimes the dreamer feels guilty when they find the money, which may indicate their self-esteem is currently lower than normal, and they should value themselves more than they currently do.

TAKE ACTION: You’re worth more than you think you are, and should not feel reticent about taking the chance to prove your value to yourself and others. As you become more aware of your own self-worth, you’ll become more confident at exploring opportunities in your waking life that are to your advantage.

DREAM: Flying

Flying dreams often begin with the sensation of floating or perhaps jumping into the air and staying there. As you realise the force of gravity is no longer holding you back, you soar up into the sky and begin to fly through it. It seems that you can just steer your course by imagining the direction you want to go in and you have a tremendous feeling of exhilaration. When you create a dream of flying, it suggests you feel as if you’re being released from some weighty obligation in waking life. It may have been that the gravity of a particular situation was holding you back or that you had to make a decision that was weighing heavily on your mind. The removal of this burden frees you up to make your own choices and can feel very uplifting.

TAKE ACTION: Acknowledge how you’re releasing yourself from previous limitations in your day-to-day life and are realising other opportunities for liberating your talents. Although you may regard this feeling of liberation as just a lucky coincidence, it usually arises because you’ve managed to create a powerful opportunity for yourself in waking life.

DREAM: Missing A Train Or Plane

You find yourself trying to cram too many things into your luggage as you realise there’s barely enough time to get to the station or the airport. Or you arrive to make your connection, and find you’re just too late. The train or plane often represents your desired progress in your career or personal life, and the inability to make the connection reflects your frustration as you try to achieve the satisfaction you crave. The items you’re trying to pack into your bags often reflect habits or behaviours that are no longer valid, and are now holding you back.

TAKE ACTION: You may be taking on too much in your waking life in order to achieve the fulfilment you desire. You can reach your goals more effectively by being more aware of your deeper priorities, and leaving unnecessary baggage behind. Listen to your own internal rhythms instead of constantly trying to beat the clock.

DREAM: Calling The Wrong Number

This dream often reflects a challenge involving communication in waking life, and suggests a need to consider how the dreamer is engaging with others. In the dream, the dreamer is usually attempting to call a familiar person, and they either keep connecting with the wrong person, or find themselves unable to key in the correct number on their phone. This suggests that a logical way of communicating with someone isn’t really working any more. It’s also experienced in dreams about computers or calculators where the dreamer keeps pressing the wrong buttons. This reflects that what they are doing in waking life just doesn’t really add up.

TAKE ACTION: The message from the dream is that how you habitually behave with someone else is no longer allowing you to easily connect with them. It may be time to reflect on what their needs actually are, and to pay close attention to what they are really saying to you.

DREAM: Being Guilty Of A Crime

Often we dream that we’ve committed a crime, particularly that we have murdered somebody. We try to conceal our actions and to cover up any evidence of our criminal activities and there is a pervading sense of anxiety. The crime we have committed usually represents a conscious choice that we have made in waking life to ignore some of our individual needs and talents in order to gain social acceptance. However, this often makes us feel guilty because there’s a vital aspect of ourselves that we’re ignoring, and anxious about opportunities that we’ve left behind.

TAKE ACTION: You have unique hidden talents and skills that you are trying to conceal from yourself and others. You should recognise that that the creative expression of these talents is vital to your growth, and to be true to yourself, you need to encourage them to blossom in your waking life.

DREAM: Living In A Bigger House

In this dream, the dreamer is walking through their own home when they discover a room or rooms that they were previously unaware of, or if they had once been aware of it, they had since forgotten about it. The room often contains some wonderful contents, and the dreamer realises that these items are actually their own possessions. When we dream, the house often represents the self, and the number of rooms in the house can reflect the extent of the dreamer’s self-awareness. As we explore these new rooms we begin to reconnect with parts of ourselves, and rediscover talents and goals we may have forgotten about. This dream suggests that the dreamer has valuable talents and knowledge that they are unconsciously aware of, but not exploring in their waking life.

TAKE ACTION: Even though you think you know your achievements and your limitations, you have unknown talents you have yet to discover. The chance to explore this talent often comes in the form of an unexpected opportunity. You need to be open and not close the door on any chances that you create. As you begin to explore one talent, you often start to become aware of other possibilities for using your unique abilities.

DREAM: Getting Married Or Divorced

When you dream about getting married or divorced, you’re considering a major decision or commitment in your waking life – it often suggests you’re trying to marry two quite different aspects of your life together, such as thinking about how to balance a family with your work obligations. If you’re feeling pushed or pressured into marriage then this usually indicates that you’re putting yourself under a lot of pressure to accommodate these new commitments. Not knowing the identity of the bride or groom suggests you’re unsure what you are really committing yourself to, and that you doubt that you will have much time for yourself if you take on these commitments. Dreaming of a divorce suggests that you feel you are committing too much time and effort into a particular obligation in waking life and you want to stop because it is really throwing your life off balance.

TAKE ACTION: Rather than becoming overly concerned about your commitments to others, spend some time thinking about your obligations to yourself. The more you can balance your needs and ambitions, the easier it will be for you to acknowledge the compromises you might need to make with other people.

DREAM: Inability To Speak

In this dream you’re  often desperately trying to say something, but no words come out no matter how much you attempt to shout and scream. You might also find that we have something stuffed in your mouth like a gag, or that our mouth is filled with seemingly endless qualities of chewing gum or sticky food. The inability to speak in this dream mirrors an unresolved tension in your waking life where you really want to say what’s on your mind and to speak and be heard. With chewing gum in particular, you may feel that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew in waking life.

TAKE ACTION: To resolve this dream, you need to consider the situations in waking life where you feel ignored or have no way to make your individual opinions heard. Look into different ways of communicating and the way you routinely use words and phrases. In the case of a chewing gum dream, you may need to consider your priorities so you can end this sticky situation and move on.

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