How To Overhaul Your Body Care Routine for Summer
How To Overhaul Your Body Care Routine for Summer

How To Overhaul Your Body Care Routine for Summer

With the weather getting warmer, SL beauty contributor Georgia Day is preparing to switch up her body care routine. Whether you're looking for a new body scrub, moisturiser or self-tanner, here are the products and techniques she loves for summer…
By Georgia Day

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Use Blemish-Busting Formulas

More skin on show means I’m getting as serious with my bodycare as I am with my skincare. For anyone plagued by ‘backne’ or spots on the chest, Meder’s EU Body Prebiotic Anti-Acne Body Cream is a must. It works by gently reducing inflammation and restoring a healthy skin microbiome, making it harder for acne-causing bacteria to thrive. Talking of the microbiome, Cellcosmet’s Cellular Body Gel-Cream is another formula that has seriously impressed me. Containing a plethora of interesting ingredients and actives, including biotech-engineered extracts and postbiotics, it helps improve skin’s structure, supports a healthier skin barrier and encourages lasting hydration. The price tag makes it an investment, yes, but given how much better the texture of my skin feels after only a couple of weeks’ use, I’d say it’s a worthwhile one.

Scrub A Dub Dub

Gone are the days of bog-standard body scrubs. This most rudimentary of bodycare products has had a makeover and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as good as this scrub from Dr. Barbara Sturm. As well as being full of effective exfoliators that leave skin feeling satin-smooth, the formula reads like one of her skincare blends, with coenzyme Q10, vitamin E and purslane all helping to protect the skin on your body against oxidative stress. There’s also vitamin F, which helps support a healthy skin structure so your body feels nourished and properly hydrated. It doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy, but it does leave it suitably silky, which means you could forgo moisturising if you’re pushed for time.

Take A Close Shave

Although I’ve dabbled with laser and waxing over the years, the speed, ease and convenience of shaving will always lure me back in. This summer though, I’m determined to approach my hair removal with the same diligence as the rest of my bodily maintenance. For that reason, I’m abandoning my usual slap-dash method of splashing my legs with a bit of leftover shower gel, and instead opting for a purpose-built product that delivers proper skin-softening benefits and an extra close shave. For both the price and the experience, I’ve found it hard to beat Dove’s Bath Therapy Shower & Shave Mousses. There’s something so nostalgic about splicing through the frothy foam with a razor, while the fragrances pep-up an otherwise ordinary wash. My favourite is the Glow variety which is scented with blood orange and spiced rhubarb.

Be Body Confident

Although I always want results, a good body product has to marry substance and style. As my limbs and I gear up for a summer of rising hemlines, I need something that gives my skin that expensive sheen but that’s also an absolute dream to use. Step forward Wildsmith’s new Purity Body Oil. A combination of fennel, grapefruit and juniper essential oils makes applying it a heavenly experience, but you’ll be pleased to hear it also works hard to treat skin. While the hero oils energise skin and ease water retention (a firm massage technique is essential) the base oils deliver intense hydration. It's amazing how much more confident I feel about my body when I take the time to look after it, and it’s a sentiment shared by the brilliant skincare brand This Works. Its body positive approach has had me reaching for something new: I’d not tried the Perfect Neck & Cleavage Serum before but it’s something I’ll return to. As well as improving the elasticity of crepey skin and reducing sunspots, the rose, geranium and sweet orange essential oils have been shown to activate areas in the brain associated with pleasure, meaning it’s a win for your body and your mind.

Find The Time To Tan

If you’re a regular reader of this column, you’ll already know I don’t think there’s much that a bit of fake tan can’t fix. But sometimes even I don’t have the patience or time to wait for it to develop. It’s just as well then that I’ve discovered Isle of Paradise’s new 30-Minute Express Self-Tanning Mousse, which delivers a lovely sun-kissed glow after just half an hour (if you want something much more bronzed then leave it on for longer, but we’re talking a maximum of four hours rather than the usual eight). I’m happy to report that it’s also virtually foolproof, not just because the soft foam is a doddle to apply but also because it contains colour-correcting actives that help deliver a natural-looking colour. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamin C and vitamin B5 mean skin feels supple rather than tight and dry, which I find it often can after applying self-tan. I’m predicting it’s going to be a game changer for all those last-minute pub plans this summer. 

Face The Freeze

I’m a big fan of non-invasive treatments that can bolster my skin, whether they’re line smoothing, volume enhancing or glow giving. This summer, I’ve vowed to give my body the same attention, which is why I’ve recently had a course of CoolSculpting at the excellent Cosmetic Skin Clinic. CoolSculpting is all about the permanent, controlled freezing of fat cells under your skin. Once the cells have been frozen, the body naturally expels them over the course of a few weeks to a few months, leaving you with a more svelte and streamlined silhouette. I opted to treat my love handles and post-third-baby stomach paunch, both of which have long niggled at me, but it also works brilliantly on everything from rolls around your bra to submental fat under the chin. I’m heading back for my final review in a week, but several weeks in and my waist already looks more defined and contoured. 

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