Georgia Day Reveals What’s On Her Beauty Shelf
Georgia Day Reveals What’s On Her Beauty Shelf

Georgia Day Reveals What’s On Her Beauty Shelf

Hundreds of products land on beauty journalist and SL contributor Georgia Day’s desk every month. So naturally, we were curious to know what’s made it into her own routine, and why. Here are the products she personally rates and recommends.
By Georgia Day

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.


My skincare routine is a mixture of old favourites and new finds. Some, like the SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF and Sarah Chapman’s beautifully-scented-but-properly-punchy Overnight Facial have been staples for a long time because they just can’t be beaten, while others are relatively new additions. The Victoria Beckham Beauty Cleansing Duo gives me everything I want in a cleanser (or two). The formulas are excellent: the oil gives just enough slip without being too oily and the gel creates a gentle but robust foam. Credit must also go to Mecca’s To Save Face SPF50 which is unlike any other SPF I’ve tried and is as luxe and invisible under make-up as it is effective at protecting skin. I get through tubes and tubes of it.


I’ll be the first to admit that my bodycare routine is more lackadaisical than my skincare regime, but I am trying to be more diligent. That said, I am a huge bath person and so bath products will always feature highly in my bodycare arsenal. I love Mio’s Liquid Yoga Bath FoamVieve’s Bath SoakSoapsmith’s Bloomsbury Bath Soak and Aromatherapy Associates’s Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil. For moisturising I am a big fan of Garnier’s Superfood Body Butter range and This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil, which is great on legs as well as all over.


I don’t think there’s any better way to relax in the bath, or segue from work into home than by lighting a beautiful candle. I have so many I like but favourites include: Cire Trudon Spritius SanctiDiptyque Feu de BoisGlossier YouLoewe Tomato LeavesByredo Summer Rain and Carrière Frères Scented Tapered Candles.


Self-tan is a big part of my beauty routine; I just feel better when I’m wearing it and I swear there’s nothing that a spritz of Bare by Vogue’s Face Tanning Mist before bed can’t fix. For my body I’m happy to try most formulas and love Bondi Sands, but I’ve recently discovered Jimmy Coco and have to say it’s flawless. For me, applying tan is a bit like working out; you can never really feel bothered at the thought of doing it, but you never regret it afterwards.


My hair has been coloured, cut and generally maintained by the incredible team at George Northwood for years and I hold them fully responsible for any good hair day that I have. That said, my at-home products do play a part and I love both the L’Oréal Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic Acid range and Kérastase’s Première range. Two very different price points but both excellent. I also like George’s Moisturising Cream for taming frizz and my La Bonne Brosse brush (a thing of beauty) for general grooming.


I am a gadget geek and will happily road-test any and every that come my way. Self-care is important to me, even if I don’t get to practise it very often, and I find a device is a great way of enforcing 5, 10, or 20 minutes of downtime every so often. I’m fairly new to the Lyma Life Laser but will never go back now that I have noticed a visible different in the texture and quality of my skin. The MZ SKIN Lightmax Supercharged LED Mask is another firm favourite, namely because it’s completely moulded to your face, which means no gaps for the precious LED light to escape through. Regular use really does keep my skin looking healthy and glowing. If I can manage 30 minutes with my DermaLux Flex MD once or twice a week then I’m happy. It’s an incredible piece of kit that helps with ageing, inflammation, redness and hyperpigmentation.


In recent months the Shiseido Revitalesessence Glow Foundation has been my most reached for base product. It’s the perfect foundation: sheer, buildable and light with a slight dewy finish. It’s also rare in that when I take it off at night, my skin never looks parched or like it’s been smothered in layers of make-up; it somehow still looks fresh. Shiseido’s R&D is renowned for being world class and you can tell by this product. It’s like a really great face cream with the perfect amount of pigment in it. I also rate Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin Foundation and the Estée Lauder Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Makeup Foundation.


I’m a big concealer buff, often using it in lieu of foundation just on the areas I need it. Vieve’s Modern Radiance Concealer is, frankly, a modern masterpiece. It’s fairly thick in consistency which looks like it might be cakey, but honestly, it’s so light andblendable that once you’ve buffed it in, your skin just looks immediately better. Kosas’s Creamy Concealer is another can’t-live-without product – the brand’s tagline of make-up for skincare freaks could not be more apt.


Powder has to be imperceptible but hardworking if it’s to make its way into my make-up bag. One I love is Huda Beauty’s Easy Bake Loose Powder. Although it’s gone viral for its baking ability (read: setting and shaping) I use far less than a TikTokker might, and just press it gently into the areas I need setting and de-shining. Hourglass’s new Vanish Airbrush Pressed Powder is also great. It’s really sheer and doesn’t feel heavy but makes your skin look like it’s in soft focus.


I don’t even want to think of a life without bronzer. It’s the one product that instantly transforms my face and makes me look rested, refreshed and generally more alive. Although I used to be a powder bronzer gal through and through, the formulas I gravitate towards now are all cream; they’re infinitely easier to blend, add a touch of dewy hydration as well as colour and seem to last longer. You’ll find a few formulas in my makeup bag, but Chanel’s Les Beiges Bronzing Cream and Vieve’s Modern Radiance Bronzer are two I have on constant rotation. As for blush, well, Merit’s Flush Balm in Beverley Hills is all I really wear now, it’s that good. It has micro-fine pigments and a creamy, dewy finish that hydrates as it tints and is my far my most recommended product.


These days I gravitate more towards a pencil liner than a liquid. I find it more forgiving when my application is a bit shaky, and I like the way it can deliver both a soft and a sharp line. Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Satin Kajal Liners really do live up to the hype – ‘Cinnamon’ is the perfect warm brown – but on either side of the price spectrum, I love Chanel’s Stylo Yeux and e.l.f’s No Budge Precision Eyeliners.


A good mascara can make or break a beauty look. I try lots of different ones, but I will always come back to a couple. Lancôme’s Lash Idole Mascara is right up there – dare I say it, it might even be my favourite. It does everything you want (curl, lift, volume, separation) and stays put, so no migration or drooping lashes halfway through the day. Lisa Eldridge’s Kitten Eyes Mascara is a recent and very good find that performs similarly to Lancôme’s. If you don’t want to spend much on a mascara, you don’t need to. High-street formulations are generally excellent and L’Oréal Paris always does a great job. When they’re good I feel like brows are a superpower for the face, helping to bring everything together and add structure. No wonder then, that I rely on an industry legend and a Spice Girl to help me out. Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Baby Blade is the best, finest and most precise nib and spoolie I have found, which helps strokes look natural, and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Freeze Gel is a godsend for adding a bit of subtle grooming.


Where to begin with my lip collection? At current count I have 13 lip liners in my (very small) handbag and about the same number of lipsticks, lip balms and lip treatments. Although I do love Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in ‘Pillow Talk, my number one liner is the Victoria Beckham Beauty Lip Definer in 01, 02 or 03, depending on my mood. Creamy, long-lasting and a perfect shade selection, it’s the best formula I’ve tried. What I use with my liner changes but Kosas Wet Stick Sheer LipsticksSummer Fridays Butter BalmsVieve Lip Dews and Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Velvets, specifically in ‘Hollywood Kiss’ (the perfect mauve-based nude to make teeth look super white) are part of my core collection.


Le Labo Another 13 is a forever fragrance for me, it’s as close to perfection as I think you can get, but Diptyque L’Eau Papier comes close. It’s warm, nutty and musky and feels like a warm hug when I wear it. Special mention should also go to Phlur’s Missing Person which has a similar skin-like vibe and Liberty’s Tudor Eau de Parfum, which is so different to anything else I’ve worn; woody and resinous but bright and fresh, too.

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