Would You Wear The Ugly Trainer Trend?

Would You Wear The Ugly Trainer Trend?

Not since the era of Buffalos have XXL trainers been so chic. A Spice Girl favourite, the four-inch platformed sneakers were Millennial’s footwear of choice on the playground, and now 'ugly' sneaker styles are back in vogue for 2018.

Balenciaga has a lot to answer for: first came crotch-skimming pink latex boots; then plastic tote bags that bore a striking resemblance to Ikea's; and now giant 90s trainers are being propelled back into the mainstream. It’s not the first time a style condemned to fashion purgatory has re-entered the sartorial spotlight; cynics may call it Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome, but when it comes to less-than-conventionally-pretty designs, the fashion pack is like a moth to a flame – remember Ugg boots, hip hugger jeans, velour tracksuits and extreme-ripped denim?

They may not be attractive, but this hasn’t stopped the retro look from wooing the FROW – even street style’s most elegant stars (Loulou de Saison, Gilda Ambrosio) have been spotted sporting the cult sneakers. More affordable doppelgangers are already trickling in and even ultra-feminine French label Sandro is jumping on the bandwagon, so you know the look is going mainstream. Tempted? Follow these rules to make sure you get it right…

Go Colourful

The original designs feature multi-coloured details and bold primary shades. Don’t bother trying to subdue the look by buying monochrome pairs – simply embrace the pop of colour.

Balance With Trends

Wear the look with head-to-toe vinyl and you’ll look like Eddy Monsoon. Instead team it with black skinnies, a knit and give off a didn’t-know-it-was-even-a-trend vibe. Create a balance with other directional pieces for a cool girl slant – we think statement trenches and new season denim work best.

Don’t Bother Investing

Trust us when we say this trend will be over before you can say Balenciaga. Expensive designs may be cool, but you’ll regret spending significant cash on the look.

Try With Bare Legs

The beauty of the Buffalo was its leg-slimming capacity – add a ridiculously chunky shoe to your foot and watch your pins magically elongate. Maximise on the revived trend by teaming with bare, tanned legs and mini skirts for a surprisingly flattering take.

Enjoy It

Remember a time when trainers were a strict fashion no-no? Enjoy the ever-evolving, comfortable look before it’s gone again.

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